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Humans are made not born

"lasers", aberdeen lug, aeon flux, alyssa milano, apache, bbs, beer, being an evil overlord, big boots, blade runner, buca running, chess, cleavage, computers, concert promotion, corsets, cyberpunk, dark future, darkwave, david bowie, deadlands, debian, diesel sweeties, dilbert, dita von teese, dr drakes, duct tape, ebbs, ebm, eddie izzard, electronic music, electronica, elizium, evil minions, evil monkeys, exim, fighting grim, fishnet stockings, flux, flux bbs, free beer, free software, frontline assembly, futurama, gary numan, germany, girls aloud, goggles, goth, halloween jack, herding cats, icon of coil, internet, killer monkeys, krosstown traffic, labyrinth, latex, leipzig, lexx, linux, long legs, lugmaster, mechanical cabaret, megatokyo, monkey, monty pythons flying circus, moritzbastei, motormark, mudd club, mysql, narcissus pool, neal stephenson, neuromancer, new rocks, ninja monkeys, ninja rabbits, ninjas, numark, office space, open source, patent free software, php, piercings, pigtails, pizza, preaching to the perverted, princess bride, project pitchfork, purple, pvc, real ale, red dwarf, retro games, rosetta stone, rubber, shiny things, short skirts, sisters of mercy, sixtina, sla industries, sleep, sneaky bat machine, snow crash, synthpop, tetsuo cow, the dark crystal, the hive, the italian job, the mary whitehouse experience, the maxx, thundercats, tits and ass, trogdor, twin peaks, ultraviolence, unix, uv, v, wave gotik treffen, webmaster, wfrp, william gibson, wintermute, zerof8, ,