Fizz (arricc) wrote,

Customer Service

Winner of my awesome award for customer service doesn't go to Scottish Hydro Electric this month.

A short while ago, they silently swapped us from quarterly to six monthly billing. This resulted in a mahoosive bill dropping onto our mat instead of just a massive bill.

So, I called them up, spoke to a nice young lady (in my mind she was smokin hot) had a general whine, was swapped back to quarterly billing and said I was happy to pay half, but the other half would have to wait a month. This was all very easy to sort out, notes were put on my account etc. and I ended the call a satisfied customer.

A few weeks later, we received not one but TWO nasty demanding letters for the unpaid balance.

*sigh* another phone call to customer services where I spoke to some guy who will for the sake of this entry be played by Frostie. Wasn't as helpful as the smokin hot lass and was fairly short and to the point. I can tell he's not getting any. He did say that yes there were notes on the account and was fairly direct in his "so when will you pay the balance?" line of questioning. I repeated my end of next month (aka - just after payday!) line and he confirmed he made another note on the account etc. All was as well as could be expected with the world but I was a little pissed I had to call them again.

Fast forward to yesterday.

I was round at a friends after work for a cuppa, and I get a phone call from The Wife. We had a nasty letter through the door from the Scottish Hydro Warrant Officer who had turned up collect the funds or fit a prepay meter. For some reas onwe weren't in when he turned up (see my further rant on this below) and, oh yeah, they were charging us £30 for his visit. Very threatening letter basically stating they would be getting a warrant to break in and fit said meter (and maybe break your legs) if you don't pay immediately.

So... I called the number on the Threatening Letter and spoke to the guy who was fairly useless as he "didn't have access to the computer to check any notes" but said he made notes against his work order of basically everything I've just related above, and advised us to contact the customer services again....

So The Wife did so. And according to the drone she spoke to, the reason that this was all happeneing is that neither smokin hot girl nor Frostie noted a date when we would pay by in their notes. Really? You could have like at least called us and asked - I get enough phone calls from your sales people trying to get us to take up your various home care agreements in case my kettle breaks down...

So anyway, The Wife paid the outstanding balance on the credit card to make them fuck off *grr* and hinted at how unimpressed we were at this £30 charge for some guy turning up on our doorste and luckily they waived that fee.

Still, in the very very near future we'll be looking for a new electrickery supplier as we've been fairly sure we're not getting the absolute best deal staying with them, but haven't seen the need to take the time to go through uSwitch to save a nominal amount every year.

Oh, and once I dig out the paperwork for the cover on my boiler if its with them, that'll be getting changed too.


Anyway, I'll give the award to the nice lass that I spoke to yesterday while renewing my car insurance... I was very urprised to note that its been 5 years since vodkafrenzy managed to shoulder us with the Panda/Icon of Coil mobile :)

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