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Humans are made not born
History lesson
After a comment made in the depths of Facebook the other week, I went and dug out an old backup of www.elizium.net - specifically the galleries...

So, a fuck of a lot of pics (700+) are now up on Facebook for all to see...

I've added them to the Elizium Facebook Group for easy reference. If you're on Facebook, GO TAG! If you're not on Facebook, you can view them here:

Elizium presents Sulpher
Elizium presents Covenant

Elizium @ Glow 303
Elizium Dec 2000
Elizium 20/04/2002
Elizium 18/05/2002
Elizium 07/07/2002
Elizium 15/03/2003
Drake New Years 2002/03
Elizium 19/03/2003
Elizium 03/05/2003
Elizium 03/08/2003
Elizium 17/08/2003

Jasons Pics
Jims Pics

Emma's BBQ
Burnination 03/08/2003
TNAC 2002
Whitby IX.V
Random stuff
I don't believe they exist